Darvin Ham: Lakers Will Move Anthony Davis Around To Get Him More Touches

By Sanjit Gupta

Published on:

    Los Angeles Lakers’ top player, Anthony Davis, has experienced a decline in performance over the last few games following a period of scoring success.Darvin Ham,nottm forest vs newcastle,kevin durant phoenix suns,lakers vs mavericks,anthony davis position 

    Darvin Ham,Anthony Davis, nottm forest vs newcastle, kevin durant phoenix suns

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    Following a disappointing defeat against the Dallas Mavericks, it was anticipated that Anthony Davis would bounce back and perform well against the Orlando Magic. However, that was not the case, as Davis only managed to score 15 points on 6-of-15 shooting during the game. Fortunately, the team’s bench players compensated for his lack of scoring with their enthusiasm.

    Despite the Orlando Magic’s efforts to restrict Davis’ offensive impact, Darvin Ham stated that he and the coaching staff will review strategies to involve the prominent center more frequently in the team’s offensive flow. nottm forest vs newcastle,kevin durant phoenix suns,lakers vs mavericks, anthony davis position

    “We’ll figure it out. We’ll shift his position,” affirmed Ham. “It’s simpler to do when he’s in a post-up position. However, when he’s on the move, trailing the play, and we pass the ball back to him for a face-up in the middle of the court, it becomes more challenging to defend him and double-team him. Therefore, we’ll explore diverse options like playing in transition, pick-and-rolls, and DHO actions to find the right fit.”

    “Although it’s a setback, we must adapt to the situation if they’re taking away his strengths. We have other options available such as DLo’s creativity, Beas’ shooting, and Dennis and Austin coming off the bench. It means we’ll need to incorporate more team-oriented basketball, which I’m comfortable with. We simply need to experiment with our offensive strategies when the initial iso or post-up with AD is unavailable.”

    One of the valid criticisms of Davis is his tendency to become passive during games. Therefore, feeding him the ball to keep him engaged could be a viable solution. Nevertheless, as Ham argues, if opposing teams are determined to shut down Davis, the Lakers possess enough offensive talent to still be successful.

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    It is essential for the coaching staff to prioritize the task of bringing Davis back to his superstar level, as they will require his exceptional performance when facing the Phoenix Suns.

    Darvin Ham expects LeBron James to return at some point during 2022-23 season

    Although Davis has performed admirably in leading the Los Angeles team, the Lakers cannot reach their full potential until LeBron James returns. Fortunately, there is good news as Ham has indicated that James is expected to make a comeback at some stage during the 2022-23 season.

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