Robert Downey Jr. turns 58: Here are 5 movies you should consider watching on his birthday

By Sanjit Gupta

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On Tuesday, Robert Downey Jr., a celebrated Hollywood actor, marks his 58th birthday. With a filmography that has spanned more than five decades, he is renowned for his exceptional acting abilities. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,Iron Man,Zodiac,Tropic Thunder,

Robert Downey Jr,Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,Iron Man,Zodiac,Tropic Thunder,

Especially among younger audiences and worldwide viewers, he is famous for his exceptional depiction of Tony Stark, who is also known as Iron Man, in many highly successful Marvel films. Nonetheless, he has delivered several exceptional performances throughout his acting career.

In the 1992 biopic directed by Richard Attenborough, RobertDowney Jr. plays the legendary actor-filmmaker Charlie Chaplin. The movie traces Chaplin’s illustrious career, and RobertDowney Jr. gives an outstanding performance that garnered critical acclaim and multiple awards.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Harrold Lockhart, a small-time thief who accidentally gets a part in a film, is played by RobertDowney Jr. in this crime-comedy-thriller directed by Shane Black. The film highlights Downey Jr.’s sharpness and on-screen chemistry with Val Kilmer, his co-star.

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Iron Man

In the franchise’s inaugural film directed by Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr. portrays Tony Stark, the Marvel superhero. The movie delves into Iron Man’s backstory and spotlights Downey Jr.’s exceptional acting abilities, which made the character relatable and human. Iron Man was succeeded by two sequels and multiple appearances in Marvel’s Avengers film series.


The 2007 crime-thriller directed by David Fincher is widely regarded as one of the best in its genre. The movie follows the investigation of the notorious serial killer, ‘Zodiac.’ Robert Downey Jr. delivers an outstanding performance as Paul Avery, the crime reporter who becomes entangled in the case. Zodiac is presently accessible for streaming on Netflix.

Tropic Thunder

Robert Downey Jr. assumes the demanding role of Kirk Lazarus, a renowned method actor who becomes fully absorbed in his roles, in this comedy directed by Ben Stiller. Downey Jr. delivers a remarkable performance as the conceited and ignorant Lazarus, receiving extensive critical praise. Tropic Thunder can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.


✔️What is Robert Downey Jr.’s net worth?

According to, Robert Downey Jr.’s net worth is $300 million.

✔️Where is Robert Downey Jr. from?

New York City’s borough of Manhattan

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