salman khan threatened actor by lawrence bishnoi

By Sanjit Gupta

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Lawrence Bishnoi has threatened Salman Khan and demanded an apology, alleging that the actor had insulted his community by killing a blackbuck many years ago. salman khan,Lawrence Bishnoi,lawrence bishnoi wiki,lawrence bishnoi wiki,lawrencebishnoi latest news,lawrencebishnoi latest news,

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In a recent interview, imprisoned gangster Lawrence Bishnoi warned actor Salman Khan to apologize or be prepared to face the consequences. Lawrence threatened to shatter the actor’s ego sooner or later. In June of last year, the Mumbai Police filed an FIR against an unknown individual for sending a threat letter to Salman and his father, lyricist Salim Khan. (Also Read | Salman Khan and father Salim Khan receive threat letter) 

The message had stated, “Moosewala jaisa kar doonga” (I will do the same to you as Moosewala), in reference to the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala in Punjab’s Mansa district on May 29. Although Lawrence Bishnoi had denied involvement, the note was allegedly sent by him.

Lawrence Bishnoi expressed his grievances towards Salman Khan in an interview with ABP News, claiming that the actor had insulted his community by killing a blackbuck. According to Lawrence, “There is a great deal of anger in our society towards Salman Khan. He has humiliated my community. Although a case was filed against him, he never apologized. If he does not apologize, he should be prepared to face the consequences. I will not rely on anyone else.”

Lawrence Bishnoi further stated, “I have been harbouring resentment towards him since my childhood. I will shatter his ego sooner or later. He must come to our deity’s temple and apologize. If our community forgives him, then I will not pursue this matter any further.”

In August of last year, the Mumbai Police issued Salman a firearm license for self-protection. Following the threats made against him, the Maharashtra government reportedly provided him with a Y+ security cover in November of last year. This entails that he will have four armed security personnel accompanying him at all times.

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According to a report by news agency ANI last year, HGS Dhaliwal, the Special Commissioner of Police, Special Cell of Delhi Police, stated that members of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang had attempted to make friends with the staff of Salman’s residence.

The official had revealed that “They assessed Salman Khan’s farmhouse, observed the road access, and took note of the speed limit of vehicles entering and exiting due to the potholes on the roads. They disguised themselves as fans of Salman Khan and attempted to establish a relationship with his staff to obtain information on his schedule, including his arrival and departure times and the people accompanying him.”

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