Young girl from Kashmir handwrites Holy Quran after memorising it

By Sanjit Gupta

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As a result of the religious atmosphere in my household, I formed a unique connection with the Holy Quran and developed a fervor for penning it.quran sharif 30 para,download,in hindi, कुरान शरीफ की आयत,

Quran,sharif 30 para

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Zubair Qureshi

Salima, a young girl from Ganderbal district in central Kashmir, has brought honor to her locality by inscribing the HolyQuran by herself. Her penmanship is so exquisite that it rivals the precision of computer-generated script. quran sharif 30 para,download,in hindi, कुरान शरीफ की आयत,

Within a few months, Salima has become a role model by penning the HolyQuran by herself. She shares that her grandparents were adamant that all boys and girls in their household should study the Holy Quran and acquire proficiency in both reading and writing it.

“I cultivated a distinct affinity for the HolyQuran owing to the religious ambience at home. Concurrently, I developed a fervor for transcribing its verses. I initiated the task on November 5, 2022, and today I am pleased to announce its completion,” stated the individual.

As she announced her graduation, she also shared that she had been consistently transcribing the Holy Quran every morning and evening, post her work schedule. Throughout the process, her parents and all family members were incredibly supportive, she added.

“All the necessary provisions required during the process of transcribing the HolyQuran were provided to me. Initially, several Maulvi Sahibs in the vicinity imparted me with the knowledge of reading the Holy Quran and equipped me with comprehensive insight about it,” stated the individual.

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Salima stated that she first memorized theQuran and then proceeded to inscribe it by hand. Within a relatively brief span of four months, she accomplished this significant task, bringing her immense joy and satisfaction. “I feel overjoyed,” she exclaimed.

The locals expressed their pride in having such a virtuous daughter hail from their area, and by undertaking this remarkable feat, she has brought glory not just to the locality but also to the Gujjar community, they proclaimed. They further stated their belief and hope that the government would provide encouragement to such talented young women.

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