Zwigato movie : Kapil Sharma is the soul in this compelling story

By Sanjit Gupta

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Zwigato is a film featuring Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami in a captivating story. The movie is set in Bhubaneswar and revolves around the character of Manas, played by Kapil, who finds himself jobless for eight months due to the pandemic-induced unemployment.  Zwigato movie review, movie download,trailer,wikipedia,watch online,

Zwigato movie review

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Director: Nandita Das

Instead of using the phrase “such films are made for, meant for, and fit for film festivals,” it’s time to reevaluate Zwigato’s categorization as just “film festival material.” While the film’s deliberate pacing allows for a more immersive experience, it’s not solely meant for artistic appreciation. In fact, this film sheds light on the life of food delivery riders, a crucial aspect of modern city living that has long deserved representation on screen. Kapil Sharma even mentioned that South Korean viewers were moved to tears after watching the film. zwigato watch online, zwigato watch online,

Nandita Das, the director, skillfully chooses a relatable subject and crafts a captivating story that evokes empathy towards the societal section depicted in the film. The film effectively conveys that the laborers are not working by choice, but due to their helplessness, as portrayed through a poignant scene where a placard reads, “Woh majdoor hai, isilkiye majbooor hai,” and the protagonist corrects it saying, “Woh majboor hai, isiliye majdoor hai.” In an unexpected move, Das casts comedian Kapil Sharma as Manas, the lead character who struggles to provide for his family amidst adversity. Despite moments of light humor, the film’s overarching tone is one of tragedy, and Das deftly brings out the inherent comedy in this tragedy. Kapil Sharma’s performance is so natural that he doesn’t even need to try to be funny.

The story of Zwigato, a drama set in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, revolves around the life of Manas (played by Kapil Sharma), a former factory floor manager who was forced to stay unemployed at home for eight months due to the pandemic-induced job market. As the sole breadwinner for his family of five, including his wife Pratime (played by Shahana Goswami), children Kartik (played by Prajwal Sahoo) and Purbi (played by Yuvika Brahma), and his bedridden mother Maai (played by Shantilata Padhy), Manas decides to become a partner with a food delivery app named Zwigato – a clever combination of the names of popular food delivery apps Zomato and Swiggy. He proceeds to navigate the intricacies of his profession, striving to decipher the complex rating system, aiming to meet his daily delivery quota, and facing challenging clients. Occasionally, he even asks for a snapshot with them to earn an additional bonus.

Zwigato’s approach in the film is commendable for its focus on the resilience of individuals amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, rather than just dwelling on their struggles. The film provides a critical perspective on India’s gig economy, touching upon socio-political issues and systemic flaws faced by the working class, without being didactic. One of the most impactful scenes features Sayani Gupta, a senior executive at Zwigato, delivering a short but poignant monologue. Gupta highlights the staggering number of job applications received for menial positions like a peon, including those from highly educated individuals, and reminds the delivery partners of their privilege in having the flexibility to choose their shifts and work at their convenience. Zwigato movie review,Zwigato movie review, movie download, movie download,trailer,trailer,trailer,trailer,wikipedia,wikipedia,wikipedia,wikipedia, zwigato wikipedia,

In this 105-minute film, viewers are transported to a world that is devoid of fancy or extravagant settings, yet it brims with honesty, warmth, and hard work. The story, co-written by Das and Samir Patil, is heartfelt, and Sharma’s nuanced performance breathes life into it. The actor sheds his comedic persona and delivers a soulful portrayal, showcasing his versatility as an actor. The film also touches upon the struggles of fighting against a flawed system without giving up.  zwigato trailer,

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In his portrayal of Manas, Sharma delivers a remarkably sincere and authentic performance. He undergoes a chameleon-like transformation in his body language, demeanor, and dialogue delivery, abandoning his signature Punjabi touch entirely. Sharma deserves full marks for his convincing portrayal. He skillfully blends honesty with touches of humor, endearing himself to the audience without invoking pity. Goswami, as always, delivers a brilliant performance, giving her best to every scene. Although her character’s subplot of supporting her husband while managing the household is secondary to the protagonist’s journey, her conviction and emotional depth in portraying the character are palpable and touching.

The film subtly touches upon the patriarchal mindset and gender inequality when Manas initially disapproves of his wife’s desire to take up a job to supplement their income. However, the narrative never veers off track, and Pratima’s decision to work as a masseuse or cleaner is portrayed as a means of empowerment rather than helplessness. One area where the film could have delved deeper is Manas’s relationship with his children. For instance, a scene where his daughter is embarrassed about his profession when he delivers food to her principal’s house could have been more impactful if it led to a deeper conversation between them, rather than just a dialogue about the nobility of feeding people. Similarly, when his son expresses an interest in singing and dancing to his rap compositions, the film could have explored that track further.

Sagar Desai’s distinctive background score imbues the characters and their stories with depth and emotion, breathing life into the narrative. Watching Zwigato offers a glimpse into the lives of people who are often not credited as much as they deserve. While the film is not flawless, it does spark a conversation about the flawed system that the service class endures, and the lack of action being taken to address it. Overall, Zwigato is a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of everyday life and the struggles of those who are often overlooked.

✔️Who is the leading actress of Zwigato?

Actress Shahana Goswami is featured as the leading lady of Zwigato.

✔️At which OTT Platform does Zwigato will be released?

Till now there is no information available regarding Zwigato’s OTT release.

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