Gaslight Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan, Vikrant Massey, Chitrangda Singh’s film is a decent attempt at new-age thrillers

By Sanjit Gupta

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The film starring Sara Ali Khan, Vikrant Massey, and Chitrangda Singh appears to check all the necessary boxes for a decent thriller. However, the question remains whether it lives up to expectations. Our review follows.Gaslight Movie Review,gaslight movie 2023 story,wikipedia,cast,trailer,

Gaslight Movie Review

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In Short
  1. March 31 marks the release of Gaslight.
  2. Sara Ali Khan, Vikrant Massey, and Chitrangda Singh feature in the cast of the film.
  3. Pavan Kirpalani is the director of the movie.

Anindita Mukherjee listed some essential elements of a thriller that Gaslight includes, such as a spooky environment, unsettling art, an old and rustic mansion, a dark color palette, an alleged murder, and hotel staff who appear polished but give off a sinister vibe. The movie features an unusual trio of Sara Ali Khan, Chitrangda Singh, and Vikrant Massey, investigating enigmatic incidents within the haveli. However, is there a mystery to be solved at all? To find out more, read our review of Gaslight, the latest release on Disney+ Hotstar.Gaslight Movie Review,Gaslight Movie Review,gaslight movie 2023 story,gaslight movie 2023 story,wikipedia,wikipedia,wikipedia,cast,

Before we discuss whether the title of the movie, Gaslight, is fitting for the storyline, let’s delve into the movie’s backstory. The film follows Sara Ali Khan’s character, Meesha, a young woman who is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. She receives a letter from her father, Raja Ratan Singh Gaikwad, after fifteen years and decides to return to her family’s grand palace. Upon arrival, she is greeted by her suspicious-looking stepmother, Rukmini, portrayed by Chitrangda Singh. Meesha soon discovers that her father is away on a business trip, but is that the truth?gaslight movie 2023 cast,trailer, gaslight movie 2023 trailer 

The estate remains unchanged and is maintained by Kapil, played by Vikrant Massey, who keeps his personal life far away from his employer, Raja Saheb. This fact alone triggers suspicion, as a character who appears too good to be true in a thriller usually raises red flags. At this point, viewers hope that the filmmakers will not take the predictable route. However, without revealing too much, one of the movie’s shortcomings lies in this area, which we can describe as a “loophole.”

Gaslight tries to create a spooky and tense atmosphere from the start, which evokes memories of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in a contemporary setting. A paralyzed woman daring to explore a foreboding and enigmatic palace during a stormy and dark night is something we typically only see in films.

Gaslight, as its name implies, is devoid of songs and instead relies on psychological tactics to make its characters question their sanity. For example, when Meesha follows the shadow of her supposed father, Daata, viewers feel a sense of unease and dread. The film does an excellent job of building suspense. However, no thriller can thrive without the use of background music. Gaslight manages to excel in this aspect. The self-playing piano scene and the creaking of the old floorboards every time Meesha moves her wheelchair to uncover a mystery are all well-executed, thanks to the sound editor’s efforts.

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Regarding the characterization and acting, Sara Ali Khan has clearly put in effort into perfecting her accent and acting. While she still has a long way to go, her expressions and dialogue delivery in Gaslight appeared natural and effortless, unlike in some of her previous films. Chitrangada Singh is like fine wine, getting better with age, and her portrayal of Rukmini is spot on. She flawlessly carries the suspicion of her character until a certain point in the film.

Vikrant Massey is recognized as a talented performer and has worked his way to the top with his acting skills and dedication. Once again, he demonstrates his prowess in Gaslight. Although he isn’t the only character with layers, his transition is so seamless that you hardly notice it, despite anticipating it from the beginning.

Pavan Kirpalani is renowned for his expertise in the psycho-thriller genre. Although Gaslight may not be considered one of his finest works, we must acknowledge his efforts in attempting to execute such a challenging genre. He deserves bonus points for that.

Although Gaslight has all the essential visual elements required for a thriller, it does suffer from certain screenplay weaknesses. For example, when one of the most significant mysteries in the film is resolved, the audience is left wanting more information regarding the motivations and mechanics behind it. Additionally, we needed more character development between Kapil and his romantic interest in the film. While time is undoubtedly a constraint, the development between the two characters happens too quickly, leaving the audience questioning, “How did it happen?”

Rewritten: One of the highlights of Gaslight is the series of twists in the final moments. The film truly comes to life in the last 15 minutes, and we’re not complaining as that’s where all the thrilling revelations take place. The writers deserve credit for not ending the script as we anticipated.

Rewritten: Overall, Gaslight stands out as a refreshing addition to the world of psycho-thrillers. It is definitely worth watching.

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